Cheryl Robinson


Cheryl Robinson is a professional over 15 years of experience in the areas of Modeling, Fashion Coordinating, Model Coaching, Event Planning and Administrative. Cheryl began modeling at age 13 and throughout her modeling career she has come to be known as one of the true frontrunners in her industry because of her sound work ethic, interpersonal strength and desire.

This desire became the primary driving force behind her developing the concept and later launching a company and taking a shot at turning her dreams into reality. FLWC, Fashionable Ladies with Class.

Founded in 2009, FLWC is one of the fastest growing personal development and mentoring fashion programs the industry has ever seen.  Also that same desire is fueled by FLWC’s mission to crush stereotypes while at the same time changing public misconception. Because we all know you don’t have to be pretty, a size zero nor taller than 5’8 to become a successful model. By opening doors and creating new opportunities for youth (women & men) in the fashion and modeling industry, FLWC with its dynamic approach is able to connect with today’s youth by helping build self-esteem and self-respect.  It is also is becoming a brand respected and identified by adults with its life enrichment staple which helps build confidence, confidence which will in turn better prepare person for whatever situations either they may encounter good or bad.  

Cheryl is about discovering what makes YOU special, and developing your one-of-a-kind “star” quality for the whole world to see. Their modeling training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime; this is why they have flourished under the slogan “Beauty has No Limits”

Cheryl has collaborated with a myriad of high end designers, Model agencies, Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists in many different markets throughout the nation and has also engaged opportunities abroad from Las Vegas, Los Angeles Venice Beach and the bay area. FLWC is growing. 

Johnnie Robinson

Executive Director

Born and raised in East Palo Alto. Johnnie has been playing music since he was 8 years old. His passion for music started when his father gave him a guitar and had him play at various night clubs. He has the gift to play by ear and gained a lot of exposure at such a young age. He has been inspired thru music and feels this is a way to express his self and to help others.  Johnnie later decided to attend Mission College for music where he earned a degree.

While being a partner at UGMX Development Studio, Johnnie has been able to reach out to all youth thru music to assist in the development of their self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem, which is required to lead productive and positive lives.

Johnnie has been able to gain the respect of the youth due to their ability to grab their attention by listening and accepting who they are without passing judgment. It is with his own life experiences that help assist them in preparing for life’s challenges and opportunities.

Johnnie have dedicated several years of his life to coaching youth NJB & AAU basketball teams, as well as Pop Warner football teams. Together, they have strived to provide an environment that enables players to compete and build solid basketball skills in addition to promoting confidence, team work and sense of life skill fundamentals.   

Johnnie along with the UGMX staff has worked with the American Red Cross, Relay for Life, African Community Center and San Jose Juneteenth, San Jose Dia De San Juan Puerto Rican Festival and many Bay area schools in developing successful events that raise awareness to education and personal empowerment.  

Valentino Smith


Valentino has been involved in the music industry his entire life. From his gospel beginnings through his performance in the Chicago nightlife, he has helped produce and collaborated with some of the industries legendary greats like Smokey Robinson, MC Hammer, The Whispers, Bloodstone, The Stylistics, The Wynans, Kirk Franklin and many others.

Recently Valentino has teamed up to work with the sensational Lenny Williams and Tower of Power. He continues to direct and perform where his heart feels the calling at Bethesda Community Church. Valentino has taught vocals for UGMX since its inception and together with his love for the Lord he feels a deep passion for helping our youth. In his many years of expertise, he relies on his extensive experience as a performer which he has amassed over several decades and in the process, Valentino has developed a broad range of “On the Job” experience in coaching singing styles.

Our voices are the most personal way of expressing ourselves and with the right training and technique, we can tune and perfect them like a beautiful instrument.